A blog is an information journal, where you can post and update information on a regular basis. Unlike websites, blogs can be updated daily or hourly. Getting a killer blog is not as difficult as you may think; you just have to avoid common mistakes and never be in a hurry to set up a blog. Before setting up a blog make sure you carry out thorough research on a particular niche of your choice. To find a hot niche or topic visit sites like click bank, free, click2sell, amazon, as well as directories like affiliate directory, more niche, 5staraffiliateprogram. For a starter, never start with make money niche; because it is a very competitive niche and thousands of experts are positioned there already. If you start with such a niche you are sure to be beaten hands down even before you start.

GETTING A KILLER BLOG: – Internet marketing is all about creating products and services aimed at solving the lifetime problems of mankind. In order to succeed as a professional blogger, create a blog aimed at solving people problems; good niches to tap from include-

Health Education Housing Mortgage Relationship Parental care Family planning Contraceptives Marriage Child upbringing Career Job vacancy Tourism Sports among others

You can do research on hot niches by visiting Google hot trends


There are two types of blogs, paid and free blogs. Emphasis is going to be laid on opening a free blogger account in this section.

1. Open

2. Create a G mail E-mail address if you don’t have one.

3. Fill in your E-mail address, name and display name. Type the name of the blog you desire (make sure at least two words in your niche are included in your blog name).

4. Choose a template, click any template to continue and then click on start blogging.

5. Make your posts. you can post articles, information, sales letters and newsletters; remember to post quality and useful content. If you can’t write your post contact ghostwriters at recorder, getacorder, or use PLR articles. You can get the PLR articles directory by doing a search on Google. Most importantly, edit the content of the articles you get to make them look original as millions of people are using the same articles.


(I) Choose a name (URL) for your blog with some words of the niche or product you are promoting. For example, if you have a blog on Job Vacancy, your blog should be or something related to that.

(II) Post quality stuff that will assist the people you are targeting to solve their problems.

(III) Always update your blog at least twice a week; failure to do this will lead people to abandon your site in a hurry.

(IV) Check other blogs or websites related to your niche, so as to access your performance

(V) Register and activate an autoresponder to capture their names and E-mail database.

(VI) Have it in mind that money should not be your mindset from the onset, you have to work hard to get people to know and appreciate your blog and have a relationship with them; it is when you do this that the money will begin to come.

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