What is structural steel? Advantages and disadvantages of steel structures

The steel structure is being applied very widely and popularly in many factory buildings, high-rise building construction, and much civil work

The steel structure is being applied very widely and popularly in many factory buildings, high-rise building construction, and many civil works,...For those in the industry, it is not difficult to understand steel structure. What is? But for those who are not experts, if you want to learn, please read the article below.

What is structural steel?

A steel structure is a bearing structure that can withstand large forces applied in factory buildings,... Steel structures are used a lot with large-scale projects, with perfect design and structure. all steel.

Steel structure, due to its outstanding advantages, is chosen by many contractors to be used in the construction of many large-scale construction projects. Let's see the pros and cons of structural steel:

Advantages of steel structure

Steel structures with great bearing capacity are difficult to deform during use.

Steel structures are lighter in weight than concrete.

The structure of steel structure is quite simple.

Simple steel structure construction, simple transportation and repair.

Steel structure can be applied to all designs of projects from small to large.

The steel structure is not waterproof.

Saving construction time.

Construction cost savings.

Disadvantages of steel structure

Besides the above advantages, steel structure also has some disadvantages as follows:

Impacts from the environment such as weather conditions such as sunshine, rain, bones, wind, etc. make steel structures vulnerable to erosion.

Compared with other materials, steel structures are more expensive.

The fire resistance of steel structures is still poor. However, if it is covered with a layer of fireproof paint outside, this problem will be solved.

Despite the disadvantages, the advantages still overwhelm those problems, so steel structure is still the choice of many businesses because of the high applicability it brings to construction works.

Should you choose traditional concrete or steel structure?

According to many contractors, buildings built with steel structures will bring more economic benefits than traditional concrete construction. As follows:

Steel structure helps contractors increase progress and reduce construction costs

Speed ​​up construction progress, early capital recovery.

Even if the weather conditions are not good, it is still possible to work normally.

Reduce the time to dig the foundation to build the foundation.

Steel structure allows quick assembly and construction with a variety of architectural styles.

Low total construction cost.

Steel structure improves construction quality

Limit noise during construction.

Lowering the negative impact on the environment when constructing steel structures.

The contractor can make use of a lot of space thanks to the small and less tensile column construction.

The construction is easy to repair and can be reused again.

Steel structures are currently being applied in a very large range from factories to factories, to bridges and roads and large span houses… It can be said that this is the optimal and safe solution for businesses. Save time as well as construction costs while still ensuring a good quality on every project.

what are long span steel structures examples?

Trusses, folding plates, shell structures, frames, and tent structures or tensile structures are the most prevalent types of long-span structures. The diagrid system, which is often employed in high-rise buildings, is another option for large-span constructions.

What is steel structure building?

A steel structural structure is a form of building composed of manufactured metal, mainly of steel, both for its inner and external support. For the horizontal beams and vertical columns, the steel frame is employed and is joined by a welding procedure or by robust pins and rivets.

what are steel structures examples?

Burj Khalifa.
The Empire State Building.
The Brooklyn Bridge.
Beijing National Stadium.
Sydney Harbour Bridge.
The Taipei 101 Tower.

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