Three ways to protect your account from hackers

Facebook, Twitter, and Gmail are the most important and accessed accounts on many different devices. Those who spontaneously access their account on any device have to read this article and make their accounts hack-proof.  For those who lost their accounts, there is some hope left to recover their precious data and account. So let’s begin with our tips class which will help you to make that account hackproof and recover what is lost.

Password is not enough.

The heading says it all; password alone is not enough to get access to your account. Now a day social networking and emailing is an essential part of our life. Most of the time we share very important data with the help of e-mail because it is cheaper as compare to normal physical mail, it takes less time, is attractive to use (thanks to GUI), and easy to send any type of information across the globe. As per the social networking sites, they contain a very important thing which a user never allow anyone to access (not even their parents), the persona they made by chatting with friends and tweeting what they are doing or posting their opinions for any hot topic; but when an unwanted person (mostly hackers) interfere their precious world, they feel like a disaster has happened with them. So to prevent that disaster we have to make our accounts Hackers proof and for that password is not important. We have to activate 2-step verification. With these features, you can use your account on any device with ease. For that, you have to go to your settings and activate that service which will require your mobile number to connect with your account. So when you try to access your account you have to insert an OTC (One-time code) and only after that, you can access your account. Even if any hacker knows your password still he/ she can’t get access to your account.

Make your personal device a cop.

The second method is; when you connected your personal smartphone number with your account then also check for the mobile verification number. With the help of this number, you get alerted whenever your account is accessed. If you get any unusual login message on your smartphone device then you can take action toward the situation.

Know when and where.

To know from where and which time your account is last logged in on Gmail then you just have to login into your Gmail account then Drag that scroll bar down all the way to the bottom, then you can click on Details by which you can get all the knowledge of your last login attempt. Which will be when you last logged in to your account and even place (from where you logged in). For Facebook, you have to open your timeline and find activity keywords on that page (mostly found near the cover picture) then click on it. Now you can see your comments and likes done by your account and if you found anything suspicious then change your password immediately.     Now you have the power of knowledge by which you can make your account inaccessible by unauthorized personality. Every time I give you some knowledge and want nothing but this time I want something from you guys. Share this post with your friends .

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