Make your “G-mailing” easier and efficient.

In today’s world if we don’t have an e-mail account then we can’t survive in this internet world. Whether it is movie ticket booking or knowing your bank balance, even if you want to be on Facebook you must have an e-mail Identity. Best in e-mail providing services Google is number one. Google’s G-mail is the far most liked e-mailing service all over the globe. In past years most people use yahoo mail and AOL mail, they were very well-known e-mail service providers but now G-mail has taken all over this part of the internet. And there is a very promising reason; they were the first who introduced the safest way to secure your e-mail account by using two-step verification (which is very handy when it comes to those people who access their e-mail account in variant places). Then we have different tabs option which allows us to differentiate between important and less important e-mails. Unlike every service which is provided on the internet, we don’t use the hidden or unknown features which can help us to use that service very efficiently and make things easier. But as friends, I always help you to find those things and test them whether they are worth it or not and then share it with you all my precious readers.

How to listen your mails?

I know most of the people were thinking when they saw that iPhone ad, in which a person was eating a sandwich and asked Siri to read his emails and reply to them without touching its phone, Yes you can do that too but before you can that too, you have to read this very carefully. First, you have to go to User “LABS” then you just have to enable the “Google Voice player in mail” feature and you are done now you can listen to your mail instead of reading them. I know, it is so simple.

How to change the side of chat box?

 If you are bored of that old left side chat box, when you open your G-mail you found your chatbox just right there where it was last time. Then I have a solution for you. Now you can change the side of your chat box to right (Yeay). Now you just have to go to that old place named “LABS” from there you can choose the “Right-Side chat” option to move that chat box to the right side. Now you can also see your Conversation list when you are mailing someone by using “LABS” and enabling the Preview pane option. If you are tired of some website that always sends you mail but you don’t want to receive them; then you just have to find “Unsubscribe” on that same mail and just click on it and now you will not receive those emails again.

How to reply with templates?

If you have to send the same mail to different people at one time then you can type their name and it will be sent to all of them, but if you have to send a reply every day but you don’t want to write that reply then you can select one of the default reply templates. To use this facility you just have to pay nothing and go to our favorite place “LABS” then use the “Canned Responses” feature. Now when you type your reply don’t forget to check the “Canned Response” features we enabled.

I hope these things will make your “G-mail” experience more fun and easy. Try to share this article with your friends and family.

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